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Fred and Frances Couch opened Couch's Gift Shop in 1941 with $500 of their own and $500 they borrowed from a relative. Shortly after opening the business, Fred was called to serve in World War II as a  United States Navy photographer while Frances ran the business.  Fred established the first Bell & Howell, Kodak, and Polaroid dealership in the area.  Frances started her gift department with fine china lines they bought from Miller Sproull of the Anniston Hardware Company. After the war they were able to start stocking silver and crystal lines. 

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Couch's Jewelers -
​​​​​​​Since 1941

In 1956, Fred was on a hunting trip to Wyoming with his brothers and a jeweler, Bill Bibb, who owned the Anniston Jewelry Company. Fred had a moose tag that Mr. Bibb wanted, so Fred made a deal to buy the jewelry store for the use of the tag.  So that is how Couch's started into the fine jewelry business.  Come by and see the original fixtures from that business and the huge elk that still hangs in the store today.

All three sons, Fred Jr., Bob, and Bill Couch joined the business in the 60's and 70's.  The greatest legacy our parents taught us was to treat our patrons with respect and show them that we will always be trustworthy.  Serve them by listening to their needs and make sure they always feel welcome and appreciated.

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